Speedbooks for the accountant and business owner

In the changing accountancy market, customers increasingly want more (interim) insight into their financial situation. The Speedbooks reporting tool in KING Accountancy provides you with the right reports quickly and easily. 

As a business owner, you surely want direct insight into your financial situation. Ask your accountant to activate the Speedbooks reporting tool for you so that you can have more control over your administration and can oversee everything yourself.

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Instant insight into your financial data with Speedbooks

You can  create reports effortlessly and view figures via the (fully customisable) online dashboard and the mobile app. At a glance you have an overview of the financial data and this dashboard is automatically generated when you open your administration. In the online dashboard you’ll find graphic overviews of turnover, costs, results, liquid assets, debitors, creditors and working capital. Ten graphic overviews can be displayed. A useful extra feature of these overviews is that you can click through general ledger levels, transaction levels, posting levels and invoices scanned in KING Accountancy. Do you need to customise a chart widget? Just save it and use it in other administration(s).

What reports are there?

As standard, the Speedbooks reporting tool provides you with the following report models. You can adjust the reports yourself via Excel and by saving them as extra template(s) you can reuse them later.

The benefits of Speedbooks

How does the Speedbooks reporting tool work?

From an open administration in KING Accountancy, select the Speedbooks Reporting tab. If you haven’t opened this administration in Speedbooks Reporting before, no problem! KING Accountancy creates the administration itself from the system and the data is automatically read and classified (based on RGS coding). You then have direct access to the standard report models and the online dashboard. If you are reopening an administration in Speedbooks Reporting, then the data is automatically refreshed. You can centrally manage the option to set up RGS coding via the profile administrations features.



€2,- per administration per month

Business owners

€5 per month for the viewer account. This price applies to the business owner and allows you to view the dashboard. It is not possible to create reports yourself or to read/categorise data.

All prices are excluding VAT.