Stock management software

Do you want full insight into your purchasing and sales administration? Then the stock management software from KING Software is your ideal solution. Your complete stock administration is fully integrated from one system with the financial and order administration. Stock management software allows you to control the entire process from sales orders and order advice to delivery and invoicing.

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Always have insight into your figures

Stock management software provides control over your stock. Insight into your own current stock is just as important as that of your suppliers. In addition, customers expect fast delivery times and insight into order status. Out-of-stock is no longer an option in this competitive market.. Thanks to the full integration of your stock administration with your financial and order administration, you are no longer faced with surprises and you always have insight into your (turnover) figures.

Prevent errors and ensure that you and your employees always have up-to-date stock information. Guaranteeing a good margin is directly related to being able to respond quickly to the ever-changing trading market. And that is exactly where stock management software helps you!

Interested? Stock management software is part of Warehouse Management System KING WMS. Would you like to more about this?

What does it do?

With stock management software, in addition to controlling the entire process from sales orders and order advice to delivery and invoicing, you can also:

Interested? Stock management software is part of Warehouse Management System KING WMS. Want to know more?

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What does stock management software provide?

Stock administration linked to your webshop

Do you have a webshop? Then link your stock administration software to your webshop. You no longer have to enter orders (after all, your customers do that themselves) and you no longer have to manually update the stock on the website. Your entire sales and stock administration is together in one system: from articles, stocks, rates, price agreements to customer data and more.

Orders and new customers automatically end up in the stock management software from the webshop. This way you can keep a better eye on your stock and you know exactly what has been sold. You always have up-to-date figures and it is so easy and clear. After all, ease of use is paramount in the solutions of KING Software.

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Part of KING WMS

Stock management software is part of the warehouse management system KING WMS, specially developed for you: simple yet ambitious due to the many possibilities to automate stock processes. By using the latest techniques, we respond directly to trends and changes in legislation, for example. Experience it yourself and view the possibilities of KING WMS.

Discover the possibilities of KING WMS

Unique self-developed WMS, directly linked to KING ERP

Always an up-to-date stock in just one system

Direct overview with clear dashboards

Save time with effective order picking

Prevent mistakes and unnecessary returns

User-friendly for employees and flexible workers