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Do you want complete control over your project and time administration? With KING Software you can automate your projects and hours from just one system for optimal business services.

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Work from one system

With our business software you can update your project administration, invoicing, time registration and accounting from just one system. It is clear and verifiable, so that you can work efficiently and make more billable hours. Whether you have an employment agency, architectural firm or IT company, we will tailor our business software to what works best for your business services.

Efficient business services

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KING Software works alongside you as a business owner

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Together we'll find the perfect package for your business

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Always personal and tailored to your specific situation


Our business software grows with you


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Insight into your return

Our software for business services was developed together with business owners and is continuously being updated. This makes our software very practical and easy to use. For example, you can immediately see what you have left at the end of a project, and employees can easily enter their hours. Are too many hours being used? You can identify this straight away with our current reports, so that you can quickly make the necessary adjustments.

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Clear business processes

Structure and overview are crucial for good project administration. You can easily record your work processes in our ERP platform so that you’ll always know how your project is progressing. There’ll be no surprises after the completion of a project, but just efficient project monitoring and more billable hours through predefined budgets and scheduled hours.

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Optimal planning

Optimal planning is essential in business services. With the help of our business software you’ll know the optimal utilisation rate of your employees and what capacity is still available. You can also easily monitor project progress.

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Clear and transparent invoicing

After completing a project, you’ll want to quickly send a clear invoice. With our business software you can arrange this in no time. Due to the established work processes, there is no ambiguity about the hours worked and you can easily invoice on time. Additionally, you make a clear distinction between materials and services provided. And yes, you can do all that on one invoice!

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Optimal automation is done via KING WMS (Warehouse Management System). With the help of hand scanners you are directly connected to our ERP platform. This way you reduce both paper flow and errors. Components needed for production orders can easily be moved from the stock location to the production location with a hand scanner. You can also digitally move and list end products in the stock warehouse.

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KING Software- Waar persoonlijk de standaard is

KING Software: Where personal is the standard

Every company is different and that is why we like to give personal advice. Our solution for business services has various options to grow with your company. We pride ourselves on making our software optimal for each individual business.