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Control over your business processes for purchasing, sales and stock is of vital importance to trading companies. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what challenges efficient stock management brings. Customers want continuous insight into the order status, margins are shrinking and the inability to deliver goods due to incorrect stock management is no longer of this time. With ERP software from KING Software you automate the supply chain and you have constant control over your business processes.

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Up-to-date and accurate insight into stock management through trading software

An up-to-date and accurate insight into your stock management through automated business processes may sound like a complicated step for a trading company. But nothing could be further from the truth. With the KING ERP from KING Software, you opt for automation, resulting in more efficient and error-free administration. Together we look at innovative ways to use our trading software for your company so that you always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Efficient inventory management with trading software

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Automated supply chain

With streamlined purchasing, sales and inventory processes, you always know how your trading company is doing. This is very important in a highly competitive market with shrinking margins. With the help of our ERP platform, you can effortlessly coordinate purchasing and delivery, and improve your competitive position. This allows you to respond quickly to market developments and customer wishes.

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Immediate overview

Not only do your customers want to know the status of their order, you also want to work with an up-to-date and correct stock. What are the delivery times, which open orders are there, what is the margin? These are logical questions that you can easily answer with our ERP platform.

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Reducing errors

With automated business processes, you will no longer miss out. When you reserve stocks, the software automatically takes into account, for example, webshop orders and production orders. This means that your stock is always correct and you reduce unnecessary errors.


One system for all your administration

A major advantage of the KING Software ERP platform for trading companies is the complete integration of the stock administration with the financial and order administration. All data is in one central place and is updated in real time, so that everyone always works with the same up-to-date information. We are happy to discuss with you how we can best automate the supply chain for your business. We pride ourselves on making our software optimal for each individual company.

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Optimal automation is achieved with KING WMS (Warehouse Management System). With the help of hand scanners you are directly connected to our ERP platform. This way you reduce both paper flow and errors. Components needed for production orders can easily be moved from the stock location to the production location with a hand scanner. You can also digitally move and list end products in the stock warehouse.

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Every company is different and that is why we like to give personal advice. Our solution for trading companies has various options to grow with your business. We pride ourselves on making our software optimal for each individual company.