Direct Debits

Good debit management is of paramount importance for your company. The incoming cash flow from your customers should be in line with the outgoing one, but how do you ensure that your customers pay their invoices, preferably on time? An excellent way to do this is to use Direct Debit software for one-off or continuous debits.

Incasso software

Arrange the Direct Debit process

With the automatic bank link in KING Finance Plus or Pro you can easily arrange the direct debit process. Our Direct Debit software shows which invoices have been created with direct debit and enables you to present them to your bank. Just like that, the relevant invoices are collected! After the direct debit processing by your bank, you can see on your statements via the bank link which direct debits have been successful and which may have been canceled by your customers.

Direct Debits: the possibilities

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Automatically process bank transactions

Real-time insight into your financial figures

Quick and easy electronic invoicing

Avoid mistakes

Save time with less manual work

Automatically process purchase and sales invoices