What can you do with ERP?

All your business processes are automated company-wide in one integrated system. That is what an Enterprise Resource Planning solution brings you. This software consists of various components, each of which supports a specific task. In fact, a task is actively and automatically guided through the processes in the software, which saves considerable time compared to manual entry and throughput in various systems.

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ERP for SMEs to large trading companies

Any company dealing with the purchase and sale of products can benefit from this solution. For example, an SME may need to integrate purchasing, accounting and sales with, for example, a cash register system and time registration. While a large trading company might need a complete and totally integrated package with stock management, HRM, intranet and a CRM system.

What does ERP provide?

With this kind of software it is possible to integrate the following processes: administration, purchasing, stock management, customer administration, project management, relationship management and warehouse automation.

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This is the solution

ERP will help you as a business owner to grow. If you want to make this a success, good preparation and a phased approach are essential. Get started by getting answers to the right questions. In this way you will be able to choose an ERP platform that meets your needs exactly. Consider questions such as:

Download the E-book for selecting an ERP system with important tips on choosing the right system for your company and a satisfied client’s story.

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Always an up-to-date stock in just one system

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