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KING Software makes online bookkeeping really easy. E-mail or photograph your invoices and they will be automatically processed in your administration with the scan and recognition solution Invoice2KING!

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Easily process invoices

Does it take you a lot of time to process invoices manually? With Invoice2KING 3.0 your purchase and sales invoices are processed automatically!

Take a picture with the KING LIVE App or email your purchase/sales invoices to invoice2king. This can be done in UBL, pdf or jpg.

For each invoice supplied, a booking proposal is automatically made based on the checks you have set up. Suppliers are automatically checked in the business register of the Chamber of Commerce and the European VAT register. Deviations are detected immediately!

In short: no more hassle with processing invoices!

Invoice2KING 3.0 - in 4 steps

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100% recognition

KING Software ensures 100% recognition with Invoice2KING 3.0. This means that all your invoices are converted to a booking proposal. Does your invoice not go through the automatic recognition because there is no invoice number on the invoice? Behind the scenes, all missing data is completed. As a result, you no longer have to worry about your invoice processing!

When data on the invoice differs from the data within your KING Finance setting, Invoice2KING 3.0 asks if you want to change this data which means all data is immediately up-to-date. If you receive an invoice from a new customer, you can add this new relation to your relation file with the push of a button.

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Approval and control

Thanks to the approval process and extensive checks within Invoice2KING, you will never get phantom invoices in your administration. Suppliers and customers are automatically checked in the business register of the Chamber of Commerce. Invoice2KING checks with the European VAT register whether the VAT data is correct. Deviations are detected immediately! Employees responsible for approving purchase and sales invoices receive a daily overview of this. It also shows how these invoices have been received. Additionally, it is possible to approve multiple invoices at the same time. PURCHASE INVOICES You are able to place suppliers on a so-called ‘whitelist’. No approval is then required for purchase invoices from suppliers listed on this. An average invoice amount is calculated based on previously received purchase invoices from the relevant supplier. If the amount on a new invoice from that supplier deviates too far from the average invoice amount, a notification will be sent automatically. You determine the size of the deviation yourself. Invoices from the suppliers that are on the ‘whitelist’ and deviate must still be approved first. However, suppliers can also be added to a ‘blacklist’. Invoices from the suppliers listed here are immediately rejected. Has the invoice already been paid? Then you can also indicate that of course.
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Invoice2KING is part of KING Finance

Invoice2KING is part of the accounting software program KING Finance and can be used in combination with credits. KING Finance has been specially developed for you: simple yet ambitious due to the many options for automating administrative processes. By using the latest techniques, we respond directly to trends and changes in legislation, for example. Experience it yourself and choose KING Finance.

Discover the possibilities of Invoice2KING

Automatically process purchase and sales invoices

Easily set up automatic checks yourself

No more phantom invoices in your administration

Clear approval flow

Deviations on an invoice are immediately noted

Never lose an invoice or receipt again